Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are designed to protect you as the client and Tom Walker Fitness as the seller/provider:


The following terms are defined for the purpose of the whole of this document and will be used from here on in:

TWF – This means any person acting for Tom Walker Fitness, Tom Walker Personal Training and any other associated party engaged only by Tom Walker Fitness or Tom Walker Personal Training to act on behalf of said party.

T&C’s – This refers to the all parts of this document.

Client – This means any client or customer who purchases a product or package from TWF.


These T&C’s should be read in full before you agree to the package(s) provided by TWF.   By signing this contract with TWF you are agreeing to all the T&C’s laid out forthwith.

Additional T&C’s may be attached to any product or package offered by TWF or associated party on an individual basis.   This will be made clear either by verbal notice or written confirmation.

TWF assume no responsibility for any consequence relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction that you take based on the information, packages or other material. While TWF strive to keep the information provided accurate, complete and up-to-date, TWF cannot guarantee, and will not be responsible for any damage or loss related to, the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information.

TWF do not have a minimum age to which it will provide products or packages however, TWF will individually assess the right to provide products or packages to any person under the age of 16.

TWF reserve the right to suspend, cease or decline packages at any time.

Products and Packages

  1. TWF staff are trained and qualified in all the packages offered by TWF. They will strive to publish the most accurate and up to date information available.   This may include changing the content of packages when appropriate.   Where it is decided to change the content of a package, clients currently engaged in that package will be notified and expect to accept to the changes.   Failure to do so may result in TWF ceasing the provision of that package.   TWF training plans and advice is designed on the opinions and knowledge of the TWF staff, this may differ from other opinions and advice available.
  2. No plans or published information used by TWF is to be copied and used for commercial purposes, this includes any sessions from Garmin Connect or Strava. No bespoke computer programs or spreadsheets are to be copied or changed in anyway and used for commercial gain.
  3. Where it is found that Part 2 of this clause has been breached, legal proceedings will be brought against that person(s).


All the products and packages offered by TWF are carefully chosen and monitored to ensure they provide the most efficient and suitable training.   Clear instruction will be given on each product and package and it is essential that the instructions are followed.   Failure to follow correct instructions could end in physical and mental issues which TWF will not be held responsible for.

Where a client is judged by TWF staff to not be following the package(s) correctly and endangering themselves and/or TWF staff, TWF may suspend training immediately until a decision is made on whether the package(s) should still be supplied to the client.   Further action will be taken under the Suspension and Cancellation clause of this document.

Suspending or Cancellation

  1. Clients must give one months’ notice when cancelling a package with TWF. Where this notice is not given, the client will incur one months’ charge at the current rate of the package they are cancelling.
  2. TWF are required to give one months’ notice of cancellation to any client they are currently providing a package to. Where this is not possible TWF will agree a refund with the client unless the cancellation is in line with any misconduct clause within these T&C’s.
  3. Where it is decided that the client is in breach of the misconduct clause of this document, training will be suspended immediately. Where it is decided that TWF will no longer provide package(s) to the client, the client will be expected to return any equipment immediately and will be invoiced for one additional months package(s) as per Part 1 of this clause.
  4. Any client that cancels a session within 12hrs of the agreed time will be refunded 50% of the session cost. Where the session is part of a package

Fees and Payments

TWF will invoice each client at the end of every month for the coming months package(s).   Where necessary clients can request to change the invoice date however, the term will stay the same.

Full payment is required on the purchase of any product.   The total price will include details on the type and price of shipping.   Where it can be proved TWF has not fulfilled its obligations under these T&C’s, TWF will decide what level of compensation that is reasonable after consultation with the client.

Full payment is required at the period associated with the chosen package(s), this will be made clear at the time of purchase.   Clients have 10 days from the date they receive the invoice in which to the invoiced amount.   Where a client does not make a payment within the stated time, the package(s) maybe suspended and the amount owed will be subject to a 14% interest rate per week starting from 10 days after the invoice date.

TWF does not offer any products or packages on finance.


TWF will only offer refunds where it is clear TWF has not fulfilled the requirements of these T&C’s.   Other cases may be individually considered at the sole discretion of TWF.

If a client sustains an injury outside of a TWF training plan they will be expected to continue with any payments they are currently contracted to.   This clause stands even if they are not able to train.   Any requests for the waver of this clause will be at the sole discretion of TWF.

Complaints and Feedback

  1. Any complaints should be made by telephone or email as advertised on the TWF website. These should be addressed to Tom Walker directly
  2. Any complaint will be dealt with on an individual basis and replied to via the method used to make the initial complaint.
  3. Complaints over social media will not be treated as legitimate and will not get a response.
  4. TWF is always open to feedback, both positive and negative. TWF believes the need to tailor its services to clients and believes feedback to be a viable source of information for this purpose.
  5. Clients are encouraged to provide feedback verbally at the time of training or via telephone or email.

Communication and Contact

  1. It is the client’s responsibility to information TWF of any changes in contact information. This includes telephone numbers, email address, addresses and Next of Kin details.
  2. TWF reserve the right to nominate the type of contact used based on how much information needs to be shared with the client.
  3. TWF will inform any clients that maybe affected when TWF staff are out of the country and may need to change communication type.

Data Protection

TWF will not share any information it holds on clients without prior notification.   If the client wishes not to have their information shared after contact, TWF will respect that wish.